Friday, August 26, 2011

Silver Lunar Dragon 2012 Australian Perth Mint Program Unveiled

The Perth Mint will offically launch the Lunar Series 2012 year of the Dragon Silver and Gold bullion, dates are as follows:

2012 Australian Lunar Gold & Silver 1 September 2011

Anticipation surrounding these Lunar Dragon coins has been at fever-pitch for some months. As a result of the expected popularity of some coins, the following restrictions apply to purchases made via or in person at the Bullion Desk in The Perth Mint Shop.

•1oz Lunar Dragon silver bullion coin (max. mintage 300,000) – No more than 20 coins per customer.

No restrictions apply to 1kg, 10oz, 5oz, 2oz or 1/2oz silver bullion Lunar Dragon coins.

View the offical Perth Mint Announcement

Looks like the 1oz Silver Bullion and 1oz Gold Bullion will be in short supply.