Thursday, July 10, 2014

XAG Instrinsic Tender Silver 10oz

Introducing the XAG Instrinsic Tender Silver 10oz Stacker stackable bar
Produced exclusively in-house by Scottsdale Silver, Intrinsic Tender are pleased to announce the release of the TEN XAG stacker bar.
Product Specifications:
    • 10oz 999 fine silver
    • 73mm x 41mm x 11.4mm
NEW AG 10oz Stacker Bar
NEW AG 10oz Stacker Bar
NEW AG Silver 10oz Stacker Bar
NEW AG Silver 10oz Stacker Bar
What Does XAG Mean Exactly?
  • The trading/exchange value for pure silver in international trading markets. e.g. “XAG/AUD” means the price of 1 Troy Ounce Silver in AUD Dollars.
  • The unit of exchange value for tradable physical pure silver products, such as 999 pure silver bullion, coins, rounds in investment form or collectable form. 1XAG = The Exchange Value of 1 Troy Ounce 999 Pure Silver.
  • A currency symbol under the ISO 4217 standard denoting one troy ounce of silver
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