Saturday, March 16, 2013

1966 Silver Round 50c Coin in presentation Card from the Perth Mint

 1966 Silver Round 50c Coin in presentation Card from The Perth Mint, featuring:
  • Unique Round Shape
  • 80% Silver
  • Single Year Issue
  • Australian Legal Tender
  • Uncirculated Quality
  • Presentation Card

Unique Round Shape

Australia’s first 50c coin was only in circulation during the year of 1966, making this a rare collectable.  Made from 80% silver, the coin was often hoarded or melted for its metal value causing the coin to vanish from circulation.  After 1966, the new 50c piece was neither silver or round making it distinguishable from the 20c coin.

Unicirculated Quality

Issued as Australian legal tender, the coin is presented in uncirculated quality.

Presentation Card

Each coin is housed in a presentation card with a circular window, revealing the coin’s reverse and obverse designs.

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